Our Approach

Our approach to ESG management encompasses consideration of our environmental and social impact as well as our responsibility to conducting business in accordance with the highest standards of governance. Our commitment to sound ESG business practices is underpinned by our Company Values. Our Values guide our daily actions, annual plans, investments, relationships and our business strategies. Our Company Values, to which we expect every Director, officer and employee to adhere, are as follows:

We will conduct our business and deliver value to our stakeholders based upon ethical standards and beliefs that:

  • Value the dignity and worth of all individuals;
  • Act with personal and business integrity;
  • Commit to excellence in our performance;
  • Respect environmental stewardship as we make business decisions;
  • Exhibit courage of convictions, challenge the status quo and strive to create value;
  • Seek opportunities for continuous learning and improvement; and
  • Serve and support our teams and communities with passion and enthusiasm.

Stakeholder Materiality Assessment

To aid in the development of our 2020 Sustainability Report, we conducted a stakeholder materiality assessment to gain a better understanding of their views on the ESG topics that matter most to our business and corporate strategy. After reviewing peer company disclosures, sustainability reporting frameworks, and investor and other stakeholder feedback from the Company’s activities during the year, we developed a DEC-specific assessment that included topics relevant to our financial, operational and stewardship activities. We asked individuals from each of our key stakeholder groups as well as our Board of Directors and internal leadership to rate specific ESG topics according to their experiences and professional opinion as to the likelihood or ability of each topic to impact (whether positively or negatively) our business and strategy. We also asked our respondents to rank the items in order of absolute importance.

The results of this materiality assessment identified the following key clusters across the ESG spectrum that ranked highest for inclusion in our Report.

  • Health and Safety
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Management
  • Resource Management
  • Socio-Economic Value Creation
  • Our People
  • Suppliers and Partners
  • Risk and Compliance

Read more about the issues that matter most as identified through our materiality assessment and how this drives our approach to ESG in our latest Sustainability Report.

2020 Sustainability Report